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Genesis TV Christian Video Hosting

Christian Video Hosting For Beginners

Genesis TV video-on-demand hosting platform is designed specifically for Pastors who are just starting to record videos and who want to connect with their audience. Partnership with Genesis TV today.

Starting With the Bare Minimum

KNTV understands what it takes when it comes to getting started with Christian video production. Most Churches will find themselves at the beginning of exploring the different cameras, lighting, and sound that it takes to produce good quality Christian video sermons or Christian talk shows. Therefore, we have created Genesis TV, the perfect place for new beginners. Churches can even use a smart phone held by hand or a camera stand. And, yes, the sound doesn’t have to be great because we understand that everything has a beginning.

Sponsors and Partnerships

Genesis TV Sponsors can opt-in for a “front page sponsor spot” where sermon videos can be hosted. Sponsored Partner’s audience can watch a playlist of videos by viewing the Church’s home page.

Partners videos can be found by way of search, within the network. Partners audiences can also watch a playlist of videos by viewing the Church’s home page.

Audience Viewing Options

  • Single Videos
  • Video Channels
  • Playlist
  • Shuffle On and Off Mode
  • Sponsors Video Posted Throughout Blog Pages