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Partnership, Upload, and Share Video Content Today!

SayAmen TV provides video-on-demand hosting services. Partners can share sermons and news to their viewers about topics such as inner-city issues, entrepreneurship, single mothers, Black History Month, and young teenage pregnancy. Our advanced technology allows Say Amen TV to partnership with other ministries, churches, and/or pastors. A video-on-demand playlist or a video website can be started at SayAmen.

Weekly Sermon Episodes

KNTV partners can start a series of episodes of video content and share it with their audience on a weekly basis.  Our technology also allows KNTV to syndicate your videos to other sites within the network by way of video API. All partners will have a contact form for their viewers to contact them. A donation button will also be in place on your ministry site at SayAmen to receive donations.

Syndication of videos is an additional charge!

Available Advertising Plan is a video hosting site. We do not guarantee views to our partners. However, we do blog regularly to create views on behalf of the overall vision for SayAmen TV. If our partners would like to achieve more views, SayAmen TV would be happy to create an advertising plan for your ministry.


Genesis TV Sponsors can opt-in for a “front page sponsor spot” where sermon videos can be hosted. Sponsored Partner’s audience can watch a playlist of videos by viewing the Church’s home page.

Partners videos can be found by way of search, within the network. Partners audiences can also watch a playlist of videos by viewing the Church’s home page.

Audience Viewing Options

  • Single Videos
  • Video Channels
  • Playlist
  • Shuffle On and Off Mode
  • Sponsors Video Posted Throughout Blog Pages