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What You Need to Know About Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

Recent video marketing statistics for 2020 reveal that video is a key method to drive traffic, generate leads, snag new business, win consumer loyalty, and build your brand. We’re about halfway through 2020, and video marketing remains one of the most important digital marketing tools for businesses of all sizes.

For instance, did you know that by 2021, the average consumer is expected to spend no less than 100 minutes daily browsing online videos? Or that almost half of the web viewers crave video content that reflects their interests? (marketing In other words, the demand for videos is strong. And putting videos on your site will earn you plenty of advantages.

What Video Can Do for Your Company

So why should your business use video? First, it adds another sense of personality to your branding efforts. Not only can people read about your company and see images, but they can get a sense of the faces behind your organizational name.

Next, video allows you to help your customers understand why they need your products or services. People love to see “how-to” videos or videos that showcase the flow of a service. Allow your videos to help you sell your business products and services in a softer, less in-your-face way.

Finally, the video lets you be creative. Have fun with your videos and connect with prospects and clients in different ways. You don’t need to hire a professional, either. Just pull out your smartphone and put together a one-minute gem to pop on your site.

How to Market Your Video

After you make your first videos, you might wonder what to do with them. Initially, you’ll probably want to post them on both your website and a relevant video hosting site like Vidapi. It’s a full management video solution for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the manufactured industry, and the yacht industry when it comes to broadcasting to your audience.

People will not just suddenly stumble across your video amid all the other videos out there. You’ll need to take charge of getting traction. Some due diligence on your part will give you an advantage. You can read more tips on how to market video.

Share Your Video Links

Every time a video goes live, add a link to your personal and business social media pages. You may also want to send out the same link in your weekly or monthly email newsletters to leads and customers. Be sure your video includes the correct description with meta tags and keyword optimization for SEO purposes. Think of keywords that people search for that relate to your video. That way it can be found organically, too. 

Share your video and focus the attention on one at a time. Let your audience know ahead of time when your next video will be ready to view. Keep your video upload to once a week. The written content about a video is also a great marketing strategy. Search engines love content. 

Riding Video Into 2021

Have you been remiss in making and distributing business videos in 2020? You have six more months to kick your video creation and marketing into high gear. All it takes is one video to begin. Now ready, steady, and action! Become a partner today by contacting us at

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